"Ipoh : Untold Story" with Sky Work Studio
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"Stay Home Art" - A charity campagin by UntoldStory.Asia, to promote the local artists and donation to help the people who in need and affected by the Covid-19.

This program is a collaboration between UntoldStory.Asia and Sky Work Studio, every purcahse of this package, you will recieve:

- One book of "Ipoh - The Untold Story", with signature by photographer, H. Berbar.

- One piece of caricature drawing by Sky Work Studio in softcopy version (with maximum of one person in the drawing)

- 25% of the package's value will donate to the participated non-profit organizations in this campaign.

Sky Work Studio

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SkyWorksStudio

How does it work:

1. Once order and payment is made, we will engage you for a caricature drawing. (with maximum of  one person in the drawing)
      - You need to provide us a picture of the person that you intend for the caricature drawing.
      - You may list down the characteristic of the person that intend for the lartist to draw.
      - The provided picture must be clear for the person that intend for the artist to draw. 
2. Once the caricature drawing completed, we will email to you the caricature in softcopy version and delivery the book "Ipoh - The Untold Story", with the signature by photographer H. Berbar, to your mailing address.

What If I do not want the caricature drawing?
The caricature drawing is to support the local artist and the cost of drawing will be absorbed by UntoldStory.Asia. We encourage that you may dedicate the caricature drawing to the person who you want to show the gratitude as a token of appreciation gift to the person.

Please see here  to learn more about this "Stay Home Art" charity campaign and the list of participated non-profit organizations in this campaign.